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I recently read some advice from a very unlikely source. I’m not gonna quote it exactly, but to paraphrase, they basically say “don’t prevent yourself from doing great things.”

It’s definitely not word for word, and I personally like their version cuz it’s clear cut.

Studying for the mammography board exam has been something that I’ve put off for a long time. But now that I have the chance to practice and relearn it, I now have a reason to study again. I’m going to pay my fees in the next two weeks and hopefully schedule my test sometime before I go to the Philippines in December.

It’s a big goal and a lot of studying but I hope to have a new license before the new year.

Gloq, ARRT (R)…..and hopefully (M) in the near future.

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August is at an end and we’ve booked our flight to the Philippines. And since we have plans to go to a picture worthy destination, it’s only fitting that I have a picture worthy physique.

So I have made plans to work harder at the gym during the BER months. Lift heavier, eat clean, get even more fit. Since I no longer live at home, I’m unable to attended my weekly kettle bell classes (which I give credit to for giving me the best arms I’ve ever had in my life), and although I do have a gym membership, I’m not motivated enough to work as hard as I do when I’m in class.

Until now. It’s not exactly crunch time, so I have time to work towards my goal. No rush. No need to starve myself. All I’m gonna do is maintain my routine and stick to it.

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Oh, we heard about you….

Yesterday I walked into work to find that we had new second year students. The politely introduced themselves to me and after I gave them my name they said,

"Oh, we heard about you."

Uh..say what???

"Yeah, the boss says that you’re really great in OR!"

Oh. Whew!!!! As funny as that sounded to me, I am very flattered that they think that I’m good in the OR. I can do simple procedures, but I’ve yet to master that machine and feel nowhere close to being ready to handle all OR cases that the hospital does.

I brought it up to one of the techs and he said on a slow day, we could bring the C-arm into one of the rooms and tinker around with the machine so I can become familiar with it. I’ve got a weekend shift coming, so perhaps I’ll ask to do it then.

Now that the rumors have been spread to the students, I’m sure they’ll be expecting me to teach them how to operate the c-arm. I gotta live up to the hype. -__-

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Did I mentioned it rained where we camped??